Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Unhappy Handshake

    America was built on the art of the unhappy handshake. People of differing views getting together long enough to iron out an agreement that both sides dislike but can tolerate. Somewhere in my lifetime we have lost that art or at least stopped electing people who were willing to practice it.


  1. I'm no longer a fan of the unhappy handshake in politics, the other side has gone too far to make any agreement. I'm impressed that President Trump has found common ground with Democrats on infrastructure, most "conservative" idealogues wouldn't have thought infrastructure was a worthy cause. When one side believes that the rights of some include killing others, it's a lost cause.

    1. The UnhappyHandshake is not an agreement to the other party's extremes rather a push to common ground that neither side loves but, both sides can live with. I cannot accept that the American people can not find common ground. Politicians, I am not as certain of.