Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Who was in charge?

Can anyone, anywhere explain why the DNC would not turn over a compromised email server to find out who was in fact responsible for the hack?  Jeh Johnson had no answers in court today as to why the DNC refused the offer to help. I guess my question is if this was a matter of national security and election integrity (as Democrats now claim it to be) Why were they given an option to deny that help? Who was running the FBI then? Who was President? WHO WAS IN CHARGE???

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  1. The person in charge is the one who holds the cards. Who has enough info and power to blackmail others into submission. Unfortunately, it reaches so many levels of government, they are all intertwined. This massive corruption Is like cancer, once you open up the area you think is infected, the air hits it and it spreads all over like wildfire