Tuesday, July 4, 2017


We may never know who gave the stand down orders, we may never understand why we did not send men in to get our soldiers or at least their bodies. I remember thinking at the time it happened that the only positive from this was that there was no way that Americans would nominate someone who had this happen on her watch. Hillary is a politician. I say that with all the praise and damnation that it deserves. I wonder if she started with a different lie, one where she claimed remorse for the deaths and appeared shaken by the loss of American lives if now she might be hated less. I don't think she has it in her to have actual compassion, but I think she could have chosen a better lie
. Facebook Post July 4,2016

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  1. Benghazi the biggest travesty ever on the rule "No man left behind" in my memory. I'm 68 former Marine, I can tell you, never ever ever thought, I'd see this kind of Conduct from President or Sec.Of State, then lie about it as well.