Thursday, July 13, 2017

Natalia Veselnitskaya

This is a story Hollywood would pass on as unbelievable. Yet, it appears to have
   Polling is a fairly accurate science when done by professionals and examined by the same for error. So despite the "News" polls showing Hillary comfortably ahead, the Obama administration knew this was going to be close. We may never know who started what but, when Natalia Veselnitskaya applied for entry on an expired visa, the deep state saw an opportunity. Ms. Veselnitskaya was allowed an extraordinary circumstances entry to the USA by the Obama Justice Dept.
   We have seen Donald Trump Jr.'s emails he went there looking for dirt on Hillary. That motive was clear. What we were lacking was the motive for Ms. Veselnitskaya. That now appears to be her appearance before a House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting regarding the Magnitsky Act, a pet project of hers for years. She also attended a movie regarding the Russian viewpoint of the Magnitsky Act with at least five house staffers and State Department officials. This was then the motive for her to be willing to collude with Pro-Hillary forces to help smear Trump enough to get a FISA warrant allowing Obama and his minions to bug Trump Tower.
     What I still can't put into place is how John McCain, who ran a honorable and clean campaign, is seemingly one of the men behind the fake dossier on Trump that was shopped around and helped add temporary credibility for the wire tap. FusionGPS has history with Planned parenthood and Ms. Veselnitskaya so they fit into the puzzle neatly. McCain, not so much. I hear he has accepted donations from Soros but I have a hard time thinking he would sell out his nation. I'd like to think better of him.


  1. I've given up thinking better of John McCain. The best that can be said of him is he has never been right since being a POW.

  2. McCain has since shown he is not a friend to democracy nor those who defend it.